People are always asking me how I got the heart for the children who are in sexual slavery in the United States, and the dream of building a safe house for them. I tell them that it is not my heart, or my dream. It is Gods.

As a full time missionary that has traveled extensively, I knew about trafficking in other countries. It was not until the Super Bowl that I came to understand that it was happening here in America! Slavery in America? Children in slavery?

I felt God pressing me to do something about it. I had no idea what He meant. Then He said to me that there were no beds for people coming out of slavery. Was that true? It was hard to fathom. So I wrote to the only place I knew and asked them what the greatest needs are in trafficking. They wrote back and said that we need better laws, and secondly that there were no beds for those coming out. They stated that there are approximately 300,000 victims and 100 beds in the United States! My heart broke, and I started crying.

Refuge City - Anti Sex TraffickingThen I had an amazing dream. I was building a house and trying to connect a light fixture. I did not know how so I  asked my Dad to do it. He said He wanted me to connect it and showed me how. When it was connected and the light went on, I suddenly realized I was building not one home but a city. A beautiful city!  A city of Refuge Homes! When I woke up I was overcome by the enormity of it and did not want to do it. God gave me this scripture: “Do not be afraid of the words which I have spoken.” I told the Lord I needed confirmation. People began coming up to me and saying the Lord gave them this vision, and that dream. All about houses, all about multiple! All about darkness!

I said yes to God. I let go of the mission I was working at and loved, and set my face toward making it happen. I began to attend every training I could find about trafficking, talking to every person. God did incredible things to connect me and teach me.

We are now working toward the first home. It will be for girls eleven to seventeen. I have such a heart for the boys. That will be next! God is moving. He told me: “I want the captives set free. It will be a great exodus!”

Refuge City is a pioneer work. Yes, I am a visionary, one who believes that nothing is impossible with God. It is His heart. And His home. And His children.