Restoration of children’s hope and lives is our priority at Refuge City.

Our holistic restoration strategy targets physical, emotional, and spiritual healing based on Jesus Christ’s love and compassion.

Refuge City Outpatient Program: Restoring Hope, Dignity, and Destiny

Refuge City Outpatient Program is available to any child, male or female, who has been trafficked and/or experienced sexual exploitation of any form. All activities will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Girls meet on Tuesdays and the boys on Thursdays.

The program includes the following:

Therapy: Every person who comes into the RCO Program will be assigned a trauma-focused Therapist. They can either go to the therapist’s office or meet him or her at our facility.

Our counselors’ qualifications include:

  • Private Practice Specialty: Women, Trauma, and Depressionrefuge city - Sexual Human Trafficking Texas
  • MS Marriage and Family
  • Certified Trauma and Loss Specialist
  • Certified Rape Crisis Mediator
  • Bi-lingual: English and Spanish
  • Family Reunification Therapy: Our specialist has worked in family reunification for over 30 years and will work towards a healthy living situation for everyone involved.
GED/Homework Program: We have a Texas Certified teacher who will facilitate GED preparation classes, or homework help. Each student will work one on one with a tutor completing either their homework assignment or the GED program.


Medical and Gynecological Treatment: We have a licensed doctor who will provide medical treatment under existing insurance or at no cost.


Dental Treatment: We have a licensed hygienist who will provide cleaning and x-rays for no charge service. If the participant requires further work, we have partnered with a non-profit to provide dental treatment at no expense.


Allergy Treatment: We have partnered with a local allergist who will treat for no charge.


Prayer: We will have teams available for prayer and prayer requests. This is not obligatory.


Life Skills Classes: We will offer relevant classes every week at our facility. The classes will discuss healthy boundaries, friendship, dating, family responsibilities etc.


Haircuts and Makeovers: Professional hair stylists and makeup specialists will teach participants professional styles and looks for their careers.


Art and Dance Therapy: Our facility has an area set up for art. With the help of local artists and dancers, we will encourage our participants to use the arts for healing.


Hope Fellowship DFW: Our facility is Hope Fellowship DFW in Carrollton. The train line runs conveniently within a block of the church. We have full use of the building including a full kitchen where we will serve dinner to the participants.


Every staff and volunteer in the program is required to go through the Refuge City Servant Volunteer Training. This is a full day training that teaches the Volunteer what trafficking is, how to work with this population and exactly what is expected of them as a volunteer. Each volunteer must be background checked and TB tested.