Sex trafficking doesn’t just happen abroad; children in your neighborhoods and communities can be manipulated into slavery.

Our work takes us into the communities that are most likely to be coerced into slavery. We have teamed up with the Dallas Community High Risk Victims Task Force in two powerful ways:

  • Court Observation Team: We send teams to support women and girls who are testifying against their pimps in court. Volunteers are needed, and this requires a very flexible schedule and is during the day.
  • Esteem Court Mentors: We partner with ESTEEM Court, an entity of the Dallas County Juvenile Department that targets at-risk girls. We need mentors who are willing to undergo additional training and are willing to commit a year to the program.

We also have two outreach programs to reach and teach others about Human Sex Trafficking.

refuge city - Human trafficking preventionFor more information on volunteering, email us at

There are ways you can help out in your own community every day by educating those around you about key trafficking facts. Here are some things to keep in mind.


How can I spot a trafficker?

  • An older person trying to “date you.”
  • Often a normal looking person, even someone you know.
  • Full of promises: a better life, lots of money, lifelong love, and marriage.
  • Claims of instant love or love at first sight.
  • Demands control over your life.
  • Threatens you or your family.
  • Offers you outrageous opportunities too good to be true like a modeling or fame.
  • An adult who hangs out at school making friends with the students.
  • Pleads or asks for your help. An adult stranger should never need your help.
  • Constantly flatters you by saying, “You’re so beautiful” or other phrases.
  • If your intuition is saying run, run!

What should I avoid?

  • Strangers on Facebook and other social media. You never know who they may be.
  • Giving out personal information on social media
  • NEVER agree to meet someone you meet on social media!
  • Getting in a stranger’s car.
  • Do not run away from home! This is the number one way to be trafficked. Work it out with your parents. Get help!

What should I do as a parent?

  • Educate yourself and know the signs of a trafficker. Check out our resources for more information.
  • Communicate and be honest with your kids. Let them know the dangers of trafficking.

Technology is your friend! The privacy of your child is secondary to their safety. Home security systems and cell phones with GPS tracking devices are necessary. No child should EVER be on a computer without software with Parental Controls.

How to recognize someone is being trafficked:
  • Older Boyfriend
  • Truancy
  • Being controlled, told what to say
  • Withdrawn fearful, unable to make eye contact
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Tattoos with someones name or that say Daddy
  • Malnourished. Acts starving
  • Bruises and cuts covered with make-up
  • Sudden behavior changes
  • Over made up
  • Inconsistent answers and stories
Call 911 if they are in immediate danger
National Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888