One of the phrases I have constantly heard since I started working in human trafficking is the term: “I
have a passion for human trafficking.” And the Christian version: “I have a heart for human trafficking”.
I immediately ask: “Really what are you doing to help?” The inevitable answer: “I share trafficking posts
on facebook. Or “I tweet about it.”

Is that what passion is about? Let’s define what passion really is:
intense, impassioned, ardent, fervent, vehement, heated, emotional, heartfelt, eager, excited, animated,
adrenalized, spirited, energetic, fervid, frenzied, fiery, wild, consuming, violent. Websters Dictionary
Is talking about and sharing on social media about something really passion? According to the definition
above I would definitely say no.

To be passionate about something requires an investment on the person’s part. A sacrifice of some kind.
To be passionate about something requires a cost from our lives. I think this social media generation has
become completely out of touch with what it means to passionately support something you believe in.

When I worked at Christ for the Nations in the Native Church Dept. there was a base of people who
were passionate about helping other people across the nations get their churches up. They gave
monthly to this cause. Not for months, not even for years but for decades. They have roofed thousands
and thousands of churches in over 100 nations. That is passion.

A darling friend of mine, Sally, met with a group of women at her house every week to pray for our
country. They invited me over to pray for me when I first became a missionary. I asked how long they
had been praying together. She said: “around 30 years”. I asked: “Every week”? “Yes of course”. Every
Monday night for thirty years? That is called passion.

I have come to see that passion and faithfulness go hand in hand. Passion is not short termed. It is
coupled with a deep continued commitment toward whatever you are working towards.

And, of course, the greatest example of passion the world has ever known. Jesus Christ. “Who for the
joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame…” This was His passion for us! I
hear from so many people these days that they cannot give up an hour and half for church on Sundays.
Out of 168 hours in a week you do not have less than two for the one who died for you? Again where is
your passion?

We have a core of people at Refuge City who understand passion. Who understand commitment. They
are the reason we have an Outpatient program and are helping families. They are the reason we have
been in business for six years and continue on. They are the reason we have our new building and will
be starting the school. Because in their passion they make a choice of what to do with their money. And
that choice is to passionately support the trafficked child.

My hope from this blog is not to try to convince you to support Refuge City. It is my hope that you will
truly become a person of passion. That you will look above yourself and find a passion to help someone.
And then you will sacrificially, energetically, fervently serve them with your time, your money, and your
prayers. If we all do this think how we can change the world.

Love, Barbara