What To Do

refuge city - sexual human trafficking

Grassroots abolitionists are the strength of any movement against mass human rights atrocities. Our goal is to raise up men and women of integrity to aid the victims, to partnering with us in the victims’ restoration, and to bring others alongside in the fight. You can lead the charge of the abolitionist movement by volunteering, investing, speaking, and praying.

We need teachers, administrative assistants, drivers, accountants, nutritionists, web designers/graphic artists, professional counselors, grant writers, mothers, nurses, and people with a heart to love the hurting!

Here are a few of the opportunities:

  • Host a Kairos Koffee! Invite friends over for a coffee hour filled with hard facts and provoking discussion.
  • Volunteer with Refuge City Outpatient Program (RCO). We need volunteers to teach life skills classes, mentor, pray, tutor, love, and serve.

If you are interested in volunteering email,  volunteers@refuge-city.org.

One of the easiest and most effective way that anyone can help is to give financially! Every donation is tax deductible and goes 100% toward the work of stopping sex trafficking.  When you choose to donate you become not only an abolitionist, but you are also sowing into the God’s Kingdom and His heart for the children. Financial needs are huge to run a safehouse and all of our other programs, so even the smallest donation can help! Click here to donate.

Educate yourself, and educate others. Knowledge that inspires action is how we will eradicate slavery from the United States. Host a Kairos Koffee or invite Refuge City to speak at your church, prayer group, or school!

Look over our Resources page for information about the human trafficking industry.

The foundation of Refuge City is prayer. Lead a weekly or monthly prayer group for Refuge City.

  • Pray victims will be completely restored in body, mind and spirit.
  • Pray victims will experience the love and healing power of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray national leaders will rise up against slavery and trafficking.
  • Pray for laws that will help the victims and prosecute the offenders.
  • Pray that the traffickers and other facilitators would come to know Christ.
  • Pray for the staff and volunteers involved in the ministry.
  • Pray that abolitionists would be granted wisdom, protection, discernment, patience, infilling of the Holy Spirit, unity, and financial provision.